In order to have the best functionality on the market we concentrated our efforts on one product "ITS17 - Issues Tracking software".

ITS17 recently released version 1.1 with the following functionality:

Cost Savings
We take great pride in offering similar or better functionality as out competitors and we do this for half the price. We have a dedicated team that works to improve this software constantly so even if you find a functionality at one of our competitors that you want please contact us and we will try to include this functionality in our software with new releases .ITS17 software will help your company reduce the cost without compromising the quality.

Time Integration
ITS17 software offers time management for users working on issues. You can make this option required or optional based on your company requirements, but when is used the option give the users a tool to facilitate time sheet entry and at the same time give managers a tool to understand better how the time spent on a ticket and how the users are spending time and as a result is a tool to make your company more efficient in resolving the issues.

Data Consistency
Flexibility is what makes this software great, but data consistency plays also an important role. Flexibility is one of main benefits of our software, it allows you customize various fields based on your requirements, to generate custom report and custom graphs based on your own needs. ITS17 also offers data consistency across multiple locations or multiple legal entities.

ITS17 is a web-based solution using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model
ITS17 does not need any additional software to be installed and as a result there are no requirements for expensive servers to maintain or heavy license fees. All you need is a web browser and internet access and you can submit and track the issues from anywhere in the world.

List of key features

- allows issues tracking for multiple customers/companies
- allows users to access different customers/companies based on assignment
- includes built in workflow that sends email notifications when the ticket is created/reassigned/closed.
- customizable priorities for issues
- customizable categories for issues
- customizable types for issues
- allows time tracking per issue in customizable increments (15 min, 30 min, etc ...)
- 4 different security roles with different authorizations
- 4 different start page based on security roles
- saves issues selections per user
- fast and advanced search for issues
- multiple issues reports and stats
- multiple issues graphs to better assess the open issues

Implementation time and support
The implementation of our software depends on the size of the company, but on average it takes less than 3 days once we have all the data needed, which means you will be able to take advantage of the functionality of our software within 3 business days. The implementation will be based on a questionnaire and it does not incur additional cost unless you want our consultants to travel onsite for training purposes.

The ITS17 software is backed by exceptional documentation, an excellent support that will help you with all the problems and new request your company may have. Please don't hesitate to contact us.